The Face of Alfred Hitchcock


Business cards, in a sense, are an extension of the person behind them. In the case of film director Alfred Hitchcock, his business card provides a deep insight into his career. The design of the card is simplistic, featuring only one printed face without vibrant colors. This alludes to the genre of films he directed, ranging from mystery, to thriller, noire, and horror. The greys and black characterize these genres by establishing a foreboding tone commonly associated with dark colors. However, the main focus of this card is his signature which is large and centered. His signature is a side profile sketch of his face, a unique way of presenting a signature. More of his career can be drawn out into the light by this, as his popularity can be assumed if he only requires a sketch of his face to be recognised. The twisting and curving aspect relates to the plots of his films, as they keep the audience on edge with many unexpected turns. The backside of his head is not closed off, elaborating how he is open minded in his field. Furthermore, his shoulder is drawn in at the bottom as a sign that he carries his name proudly upon them (Nayheemulah). Though Alfred Hitchcock’s signature may seem confusing upon first seeing it, there is much thought put into its unique format.

Alfred Hitchcock seemed very concerned about his personal image. Chandler, who has personally spoken with him, noted how he has said “The real problem is not my size, its my shape.” He also had numerous similar looking suits of slightly varying sizes so that “If [his] weight changes, up or down, [hes] prepared.” He was a proud man however, as he commented how he dislikes his physical body but is “proud of [his] body of work. Its tall and thin and handsome” due to his unique works. He goes on to talk about how he gained some inspirations for his handsome films. He had a fascination with fear in “cozy’ environments, such as murder in broad daylight rather than in the dark which many already fear. One of his larger guiding points was avoiding clichés, both from others in the industry and his own. Hitchcock wanted to create unique films which would keep the audience on edge, not knowing what to expect.

This business card is featured as it provides a deep insight into the life of Alfred Hitchcock, a major contributor to the film industry. His work is deeply influential as he has created many well crafted stories, sometimes even making cameo appearances in them. There is even such thing as a “Hitchcockian style” of film, which many other directors have used to create stories similar to his. Some characteristics of such a style is the plot twists, suspense, betrayal, and a few key characteristics of the actors and how they interact within the story. This card is just one of the many ways Alfred Hitchcock has left a lasting impression in the modern world with an extension of himself.


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