Cool Runnings

Michael “Mickey” Moore was an American filmmaker, born in 1954 in Flint, Michigan (Moore). He was raised Catholic and attended many Catholic schools until the age of 14. When Moore began making movies, he wanted to use documentaries to portray entertainment and information. (Moore)

Mickey Moore was the second unit director of the film Cool Runnings (Second). A second unit director is a director in charge of all “supplemental” footage, including shots, stunts, and film inserts (second). In short, Moore was hired to make sure the film he was shooting was in sequence and was ready for editing. Becoming a Second Unit Director meant that Moore could potentially become a movie director (Second).

The film Cool Runnings gained an increasing amount of interest as well. Cool Runnings is a true story based on a bobsleigh team in Jamaica and takes place in 1988.  Released in October of 1993, the movie highlights the struggles of the Jamaican group after traveling to Canada for the winter Olympics (Cool). In hopes to win a Gold Medal, Jamaican Olympic sprinter, Derice Bannock, delegates all his time to training as a way to resemble his father. When it is time for the race, he is accidentally tripped by another athlete, Junior Bells (Cool). As a result, he loses the gold medal as well as his dream. In an attempt to get a second chance by creating a bobsleigh team, Bannock reaches out to a dishonored coach by the name of Irving “Irv” Blitzer. Bannock eventually gathers a team of Jamaicans whom he believes can help him win the medal (Cool).

The original story of the Cool Runnings was much different than the movie. It was created in 1988 by co-founder George Fitch, referred to as “Irv” in the movie. Before the Jamaicans competed in the Olympics, Fitch was a Commercial Attache for Kingston American embassy. A member of the original team, Dudley “Tal” Stokes clarified that the members were actually from the Jamaican Army (Engel). Fitch took his idea of bobsledding to the Colonel who then recruited Stokes. Stokes then trained with the other team members for approximately five months before competing in the Olympics. The team also received a lot of attention from Americans but similar to the movie they struggled very in the winter Olympics (Engel).

Although the film was quite altered for the big screen, it was still one of the most popular Olympic movies. Actor Doug E. Doug who plays team member,  Sanka Coffie, recalls that his favorite part of filming was the climax of the movie (justleon). At this point, the bobsledders had fallen but refused to give up. Because of this, they pushed themselves to carry the sled by foot across the finish line. Doug mentions that it was one of the most heartwarming scenes. Cool Runnings ended up earning a profit of about $155 million dollars. The Disney movie became a favorite for kids and adults everywhere (justleon). Many people believe the movie was cheesy but, still heartwarming nonetheless.

Written By: Freda Addo

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